Bern Stonearm

Bern is a Dwarf of the House Stonearm. They are one of the Seven Ruling Clans.


Bern is typical of most Stonearms: Dark beard and hair; sharp, keen, steel-colored eyes; and light skin. He wears a baldric of chain and scale at all times, and a long coat of wool over the top of the armor. He’s rumored to be an excellent talent with short-swords and hand-axes. He wears two heavy bronze rings with no gemstones, but they bear the seals of House Stonearm: the Hammer and Raven, and the crest of the intelligence arm that he now manages: the head of a raven imposed over an anvil.


Bern Stonearm has been the key intelligence officer in the Stonearm family for nearly 8 decades. He began as a mine foreman many years back, seeking out the best and brightest to put in charge of operations in and around Anvilmar. He quickly earned a reputation for having a keen eye for talent. He now manages the very large information network based out of Anvilmar, keeping agents in the know, moving assets, buying and selling information, services, and favors.

Bern Stonearm

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